fridays and possibilities

i’ve marked 2014 was the year of possibility. to me, possibility means: being open to whatever comes next. it means being okay with the potential of what might happen. it’s anticipating, it’s being hopeful. it’s not being being obsessed with guarantees or plans for the future, and instead taking it all as it comes. and then being okay with that. it’s embracing that i don’t know what’s going to happent tomorrow or the next day or the next day, but i can be ready and welcome each moment with open arms.

with that, comes embracing the possibility that comes with every single morning we get to wake up to. the sun shining through the windows, the first cup of coffee or tea we get to enjoy, the people we interact with, whatever is to come that given day. mornings always remind me of how much possibility i have with that day, but also with my life in general as a whole. i hope your friday – and weekend – and every day – is full of possibility at what’s to come.

happy friday and enjoy your weekend, friends!

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thursday thankful list

happy thursday friends!

after a couple of crazy back-to-back weeks in march and early april, i’m happy to be settling back into a normal routine. in a six week period, i traveled to austin, phoenix, denver, new york city and had my sister kerry visit for a week. all good things, but i’m definitely thankful to have down time to enjoy life back in san francisco.

here’s a few other things i’m thankful for this week:
jj heller music
rooftop views {anywhere, but this one is from The JIMMY in NYC}
wedding planning with erin!
hilarious phone calls with katie
waking up and seeing sun pouring through the window
reading through old journals
proverbs 4:23
enjoying a meal by myself
re-reading the great gatsby
vacation days
finding an outfit i love
wearing a pair of new heels for the first time
and therefore, aloe vera
feeling known and accepted
helpful strangers
green juice
that tomorrow is friday!
THE BIGGEST: that my grandpa’s stroke last week was only mild, and he was out of the hospital after three days.

what are you thankful for?

good things take time

a metaphor on growth and slowness

I discovered Sarah’s Yes and Yes blog through Clare’s blog recently and loved, loved, LOVED this post about growth and change and why slowness is a good thing. She wrote this beautiful metaphor and I wanted to re-share with you today. Read her original post here and definitely check out her blog!

“Rather bizarrely, I spent a large portion of my childhood thinking about wood.

By the age of 12, I knew how to start a fire in the furnace or fire pit. I knew which wood you used to get the fire going (birch), which wood burned fast (pine), and which wood burned hot and slow, keeping your house warm so you don’t have to get up in the middle of Family Matters and throw another log on (ash, oak, hickory.)

Why did those specific types of wood create more heat? Why did they make a better fire? Because they’re hardwood; they grow slowly.

Now here’s where that heavy-handed metaphor comes in: The good things in life
a career you really love
a loving, supportive relationship
emotional security + stability
are often the direct result of very slow, deeply unglamorous work.

There aren’t really any shortcuts to getting the good stuff. Discovering your talents, polishing them till they shine, and finding out how to make a living from them? That takes years (or 10,000 hours.) Trying things, failing, trying again, learning to cope with tough stuff, and emerging a smarter + better person? That takes years, too.

So you haven’t landed your dream job yet.
Or you haven’t amassed that 401k.
Or your writing skills aren’t where you’d like them to be.

Be patient. Be gentle with yourself. It takes an oak tree 20 years to produce its first acorn.

You’ll get there, slowly but surely.”


launch i love: speakable jewelry

good morning and happy monday queens!

i’m excited to continue my launch i love series by featuring speakable jewelry today! speakable was launched by my blogging-turned-real-life-friend gracie.

the brand is based on the reminder that words have POWER. words challenge, inspire, humor. they impact the way we think, feel and act. according to rudyard kipling, “words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” and according to proverbs 16:24, “pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.” i’m super inspired by gracie’s new passion project and think it’s awesome that she not only designed these dainty, brass necklaces {i’m all about simple jewelry these days!}, but that the words are inspired by words/phrases that resonate with her and others.

she recently sent me this awesome choose joy necklace that i’ve been wearing all the time! for me, this necklace is a reminder that no matter what is happening that day or what comes my way, i have the option and CHOICE, to choose joy. joy is not the same as happiness. to me, happiness is a feeling or state of mind in a given situation or on a given moment. joy is true, internal contentment that comes to life outside of external factors {like bad days!}.  i love how danielle leporte compares joy and happiness: “happiness is like rising bubbles – delightful and inevitably fleeting. joy is the oxygen – ever present.”

you can shop the full collection here – a few of my favorite ‘words to wear’ are peace, hope and dreamer. you can also follow along and learn more about speakable on twitter, facebook and instagram! xo